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BLOG03 LIFECHEM PHARMA Sodium Triacetoxyborohydride manufacturers in india
The  Sulfur trioxide-pyridine complex is utilized to sulfate alcohols, deoxygenations, sulfonations as well as other reductions and oxidations using dimethyl sulfur dioxide. It can also be used as a source for sulfur trioxide, particularly when it comes to the creation of sulfate ester. Additionally, it is employed as an electrophile activatorContinue Reading
triflic anhydride producers
 triflic anhydride producers in India Product Description We are among the most trusted companies within the industry, supplying the best Triflic Anhydride of the highest quality. The chemical we offer is expertly processed by a team of highly skilled experts with the help of advanced methods in regulated conditions. TheContinue Reading
blog01 LIFECHEM PHARMA Re-Shaping Pharmaceutical Industry with Technological Advancement
Re-Shaping Pharmaceutical Industry with Technological – Most Technical Advancement resulted by Pandemic: It is been seen that this pandemic has come up with a shift in the way these technologically advanced healthcare products are being consumed. The acceleration in the evolution of digitalization accelerated by the havoc of this pandemic.Continue Reading