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The company has an ethical and legal obligation to prevent hazards and provide a healthy working environment. Therefore, in order to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment, the company adopts the following policies.

HS&E Policy

  • Company's all employees health and safety is our major concern.
  • The company's safety and health policy is to establish safety awareness among employees at all levels.
  • The management shall be responsible for the safety of all employees and prevent damage to the factory and equipment.
  • The company shall strive to identify, control and eliminate all dangerous situations to avoid damage to the plant and equipment.
  • The company shall make every effort to formulate and implement training plans for employees at all levels following legal methods and related requirements.
  • Management will ensure the development and implementation of rules, code of practice and procedure and standard for the same working contact.
  • Every employee of the company shall be responsible for his personal contribution to safety. He/she is expected to use his knowledge and experience with regard to his own personal safety and that of his co-workers as well as of any material property entrusted to his care. It shall be his/her duty:
    • Follow the safety rules.
    • Use the safety equipment provided to every employee to add more.
    • Make sure to use the safety equipment provided to the employees working under it.
    • Follow the instructions of superiors and competent authorities.