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Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Where is Indian pharma for Pharmaceutical Ingredients? What does the future hold?   The majority of pharmaceutical ingredients are made in China and India. In terms of volume and value, India is among the top five nations for the pharmaceutical industry. The pharma sector’s success in India is due toContinue Reading
Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals in general – How is it different?   Specialty Chemicals provides goods that can be utilized as processing ingredients to create a wide range of products. Agricultural, construction, pharmaceutical goods processing, chemical and intermediates processing, food processing and home additives, coatings and paper trade, and transportation are justContinue Reading
Speciality chemicals
Transportation of Speciality chemicals in tankers   Speciality chemicals | Transportation of specialty chemical solvents, particularly those with explosive potential, is a major difficulty. However, if protocols are strictly followed, this will be a breeze. Whether delivering to suppliers within the city or crossing borders, the consignor and consignee are responsibleContinue Reading
SpecialChem vs Prospector : Which material selection platform is best for you?
SpecialChem vs Prospector : Which material selection platform is best for you?   SpecialChem vs Prospector – The primary online material selection systems are SpecialChem and UL Prospector. Both companies have been active for more than two decades and provide digital marketing services to assist material suppliers in growing theirContinue Reading
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Fine Chemicals
Fine Chemicals – A majority of the world’s technological advances depend on the chemical industry. From making medical devices and decontaminating drinking waters to electronic manufacturing and personal care product development, the global chemical industry helps to produce many different products used all over the world. Certain chemicals are usedContinue Reading
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