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About Us

Since its establishment, Lifechem Pharma has been providing high-quality Specialty chemicals, Intermediates. Since 2015, we have participated in the manufacturing and development of various high-quality Specialty chemicals and advanced intermediates. Lifechem Pharma is proudly one of the very few pharmaceutical companies that are vertically integrated with the specialty chemicals manufacturing process in india.

The company is managed by energetic and highly qualified partners and professionals who have extensive experience in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical Specialty chemicals, Intermediates.

We are equipped with modern production facilities and the most advanced technology to realize the quality products we produce.

We offer a wide range of intermediates and specialty chemicals. This makes Lifechem Pharma a trusted source of various pharmaceutical ingredients that can meet the needs of the national pharmaceutical industry. Lifechem Pharma provides pharma products to private, commercial and corporate national/international clients in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials and industrial chemicals. Customers can find the desired product by the material name, CAS number and its nature.

manufacturer of Specialty chemicals, Intermediates and APIs in india
manufacturer of Specialty chemicals, Intermediates and APIs in india


A Promise For Quality and Faith

The possibilities that chemistry can invent for different industries today are the decisive factors for its long-term growth.

The chemical substances that realize the idea to empower the industry and technology connect the various points to complete the product development process and significantly promote research-oriented results.

First, you need to understand the various requirements of the field or usage. We have highly qualified and experienced professionals/chemists who are working hard to expand the possibilities through revolutionary compounds.

We promise to our current and future customers, that we will improve your satisfaction by providing quality-verified fine intermediate chemicals, specialty chemicals. We promise to deliver our products on time and continue to invent the best distribution channels to minimize costs and shorten delivery times.

Why Choose US

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Our R&D Center

We have highly equipped the QC laboratory with the most advanced instruments, such as HPLC, GC-HS, FTIR, UV spectrophotometer and colorimeter . Our QC laboratory is supported by a team of highly skilled chemists. We follow strict and up-to-date guidelines and implement the most powerful testing methods to ensure that our products are of the highest quality when they leave our site and arrive at their destination.