Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in india

Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in India – We are growing as one of the prominent organisations engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Tert Butyl Carbazate, with an aim to be a pioneer in our area. It is used to synthesise HIV-1 protease inhibitors by condensing aldehydes to produce hydrazones. 

The chemical formula for this molecule is C5H12O2N2 and its molecular mass is 132.16 g/mol. Tert Butyl Carbazate is also employed as a precursor in the production of BOC azide and as a reagent in the synthesis of sulfonic and carboxylic hydrazides.



  • Methanol dissolves it, resulting in a clear solution.
  • Stored at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius
  • It has a flash point of 91° Celsius.
  • tert-Butylcarbazate is a hydrazine with a Boc protecting group that can be used to make substituted hydrazines and other versatile tert-butyl protected nitrogenous intermediates.



98% Cas 870-46-2 B 2375 (OTTO) tert-Butyl carbazate – utilised in a palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling with vinyl halides to prepare N-Boc-N-alkenylhydrazines. It is used in the manufacture of solid phase peptides as well as the measurement of the optical purity of alfa-amino aldehyde. [Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in India]

It combines with aldehydes to form hydrazones, which are used as an intermediary in the manufacture of HIV-1 protease inhibitors. B 2375 (OTTO) tert-Butyl carbazate, Cas 870-46-2, 98% – utilised as a starting material in the synthesis of BOC-azide, sulfonic, and carboxylic hydrazides.

In Hyderabad, Telangana, India, we are the leading exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of tert-Butyl carbazate. The supplied substance is most commonly utilised in a few research centres, labs, food firms, and synthetic. 

Our provided carbazate is expertly planned in accordance with worldwide quality standards by using exceptional quality concoction fixings with the assistance of most recent handling approaches under most appropriate situations. Aside from that, our customers can purchase the aforementioned Tert-butyl carbazate from us at a low cost in a variety of packaging options.


Is it possible to make BOC azide from Tertiary Butyl Carbazate?

The chemical BOC azide can be used to add the BOC amino protection group. It can be made from Tertiary Butyl Carbazate by diazotizing it with nitrous acid and then reacting it with sodium azide. The following is the reaction scheme:

BOC azide can also be made by reacting Tertiary Butyl Carbazate with di-tert-butyl dicarbonate and sodium azide in acetonitrile. The following is the reaction scheme: [Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in india]


What is the purpose of tert-butyl carbazate?

To generate N-Boc-N-alkenylhydrazines, tert-Butyl carbazate is cross-coupled with vinyl halides in a palladium-catalyzed reaction. It is used in the manufacture of solid phase peptides as well as the measurement of the optical purity of alfa-amino aldehyde.


What exactly is a tertiary butyl?

Tert-Butyl Alcohol has a mothball-like odour and is a colourless liquid or crystalline solid. It is used in the production of flavours and perfumes, as a medicinal solvent, a paint remover, and as an ingredient in unleaded petrol. [Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in india]

What is the application of tertiary butyl catechol?

Important Applications

TBC is added throughout the manufacturing process or to products that require transit and storage as a polymerization inhibitor and stabiliser for polymerizable monomers such as styrene and butadiene.


What is the formation of a tert-butyl group?

Butyl tautomer. Three of the carbons are single-bonded to a fourth carbon in the centre in the third form, while the rest of the molecule is linked to the centre carbon. This arrangement is known as t-butyl or tert-butyl in common parlance. [Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in india]


TBA is it solvent?

TBA is utilised in the manufacturing of organic peroxides and antioxidants as a high-purity, high-quality intermediate, as well as as a reaction component and solvent in the production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Tert-butyl amine is an example of what?

The organic chemical compound tert-butylamine has the formula (CH3)3CNH2. It is a colourless liquid with a strong amine odour. The other three isomeric amines of butane are n-butylamine, sec-butylamine, and isobutylamine. [Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in india]