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SpecialChem vs Prospector : Which material selection platform is best for you?

SpecialChem vs Prospector : Which material selection platform is best for you?


SpecialChem vs Prospector – The primary online material selection systems are SpecialChem and UL Prospector. Both companies have been active for more than two decades and provide digital marketing services to assist material suppliers in growing their businesses.

“What are the differences between UL Prospector and SpecialChem?” prospective suppliers occasionally inquire.

So, let me give you an honest assessment of each platform’s strengths, shortcomings, and distinctions so you can determine which is ideal for you!


Prospector vs SpecialChem: The similarities

The two most often used material selection platforms are SpecialChem and UL Prospector. They are both quite popular, with large product databases available to chemical buyers and massive traffic on their respective platforms.

Both SpecialChem and Prospector provide platforms for the Plastics, Plastic Additives, Adhesives, Coatings, and Cosmetics industries in terms of market reach. Prospector also covers the food, home care, lubricants, and metals industries.

Last but not least, both SpecialChem and Prospector provide digital marketing services to help suppliers raise their visibility, influence future buyers, and engage new customers. Product Listing, Webinars, Promotions, Lead Generation, and other initiatives are common.


Prospector vs SpecialChem: The differences

1 – there are product databases.

The product databases themselves are the most distinguishing feature. SpecialChem’s mission is to be the most comprehensive and complete database for technical buyers, hence we publish ALL the items from ALL suppliers, whereas UL Prospector only displays products from suppliers that pay. This is also why vendors can list their items on SpecialChem for free.


2 – Generating Leads

Both platforms include a Lead Generation Listing, which allows you to collect contact information from technical purchasers who view your items and download your publications. Within 24 hours, Prospector counts a lead as unique. We deduplicate your leads in 30 days at SpecialChem.

If you purchased a “package” of leads, a visitor who interacts on two consecutive days will be tallied twice in Prospector but only once in SpecialChem.

As a result, you may find that you have a high volume of leads on Prospector but a reduced amount on SpecialChem after de-duplicating.


3 – Scoring first

When it comes to leads, you could feel overwhelmed with dozens of them to follow up on in a short period of time. Trust me, this is the most common complaint I hear from our clients: finding “diamond” projects among a large volume of raw leads takes a lot of effort.

To avoid this, each platform offers tools to assist you in identifying the hottest leads with the greatest business potential, which we refer to as marketing qualified prospects.

Prospector has a “Connect” app that allows you to see all of your leads and track their activity on your items and papers. Directly from the App, you may contact and group them by area, product, and more. At SpecialChem, we strive to eliminate the time-consuming process of physically inspecting each lead. So, to save you time and efforts, we built an Artificial Intelligence-based lead rating system.

Our artificial intelligence allows you to select out 3-star leads and send them to your sales staff for rapid follow-up. On that page, you can learn how SpecialChem lead scoring works.


4 – Client success management

Last but not least, there is the client success management. We’ve witnessed a growing requirement for suppliers to have our help in their digital marketing journey and to rely on a partner to implement the correct digital strategy over the previous few years.

This is why, prior to making any judgments, we conduct a Growth Ability Profile (GAP) diagnosis. We recommend only the programme aspects that meet your target and resources based on your GAP score, which includes a dedicated Client Success Manager who will create your promos, optimise your content, and provide insights, best practises, and guidance to help you achieve your goals.


Prospector, on the other hand, will carry out the campaign that you purchased. Period.

Which platform is a best fit for me?

Let’s have a little fun. Pretend that half of your potential customers use Google and half use Bing – it sounds strange, but just imagine — and that your ads are priced similarly. Which search engine would you use to buy advertising to sway your customers?


BOTH is the answer! It’s simple: you go where your potential clients are.

This principle applies to material selection platforms, as well as any other digital channel. You must be present where your technical buyers are already looking for materials to capture new consumers. Be multi-platform.


GO ON BOTH SPECIALChem and Prospector if your target markets are covered by both.

Here are the numbers. You technical buyers are actively searching for novel minerals and chemical components with SpecialChem and Prospector. Early in 2021, we discovered that 42% of SpecialChem visitors are tied to a current project. With those two platforms, you will find all you need to influence your potential consumers and create an effect in the chemical sector, including traffic, community, and offers.

Because Prospector and SpecialChem are the premier material selection platforms, if I were a marketing manager at a supplier, I would battle tooth and nail to have my items featured on both platforms with lead generating subscriptions. See? I promised you that I would be truthful.


If you have a limited budget and can only afford one, SpecialChem is a better choice if you require or value:


  • You can count on us to fully implement your campaign, discuss results, best practises, and advise you and your team.
  • To improve your lead follow-up, use effective lead scoring.
  • A personalised digital programme based on a free diagnosis of your goals, difficulties, and resources.
  • An knowledgeable, experienced partner who can guide you through the digital realm of material choosing.