Sodium Triacetoxyborohydride manufacturers in india

The  Sulfur trioxide-pyridine complex is utilized to sulfate alcohols, deoxygenations, sulfonations as well as other reductions and oxidations using dimethyl sulfur dioxide.

It can also be used as a source for sulfur trioxide, particularly when it comes to the creation of sulfate ester. Additionally, it is employed as an electrophile activator in the Parikh-Doering oxidation. Furthermore, it is also utilized for the preparation and anticoagulation test for silk fibroin that has been sulfated.

We have built up a vast knowledge as a prominent Pyridinium Sulfur Trioxide provider, exporter, and manufacturer in India. It is a chemical compound that has no color that is easily dissolvable in organic Polar solvents.

It is an intermediate sodium sugar and is used primarily to make sulfur trioxide (In the process of synthesis of the sulfate ester of alcohol). It is extensively used as organic oxidants within the area of biological pharma as well as Sulfonation reagents to treat furan, pyridine, and so on.

It can also be used to sulfonate substances when reactions are robust and mild. The melting point of this product is 150-163 and its look is a white powder. Customers can purchase the product according to their needs.

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Application – Sulfation agent

Reactant for

  • Preparation of azido analogs from pregnanolone
  • Sulfate ester derivatives of morphine derivatives.
  • Gold nanoparticles are capped with sulfate-ended and ligands are used as anti-HIV agents.

The sulfur trioxide-pyridine (SO3-py) complex is utilized to transform the benzylic or allylic hydroxyl group of compounds like farnesol and geraniol. 1-indanol to sulfate monoester which is a suitable leaving group. This technique is very beneficial in the overall process of synthesis of sesquiterpenes.

As a sulfating agent, the SO3-py complex may be used to prepare sulfated-chitins, sulfated (HyaS) derivatives, and starch that is sulfated.