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Tertiary Butyl Carbazate (Tertbutylcarbazate)

Tertiary Butyl Carbazate  | tert-butyl N-aminocarbamate

Tertiary Butyl Carbazate manufacturers in indiaUsed in a palladium-catalyzed cross coupling with vinyl halides leading to N–Boc–N-alkyl hydrazines.

This is a reagent that is used in the solid phase peptide synthesizer and for a-amino aldehyde optical purity measurements. Hydrazones are intermediates in the production of HIV-1 protease inhibitors.

Chemistry of amino acids isn’t my favorite. It’s kinda…blah. It feels a bit archaic. These amino acids are quite funky, as each fragment was made with fairly standard chemistry (protections/deprotections, and all). The N-N bonds were created with benzyl and t-butyl carbohydratesare.

The cyclization that formed the leftmost-indicated pirazic ring was achieved via Mitsunobu condition-induced Fmoc protection of the amine, followed by substitution with an alcohol. While the left was caused via Boc deprotection inducing displacement of a Triflate, and the top via Troc deprotection inducing displacement of a Triflate,

The macrocyclization is the most fascinating part. Rather than performing a macrolactonization of an acid or ester with an alcohol, the authors used an alternative strategy. A carboxylate anion attacked a chlorine-turned iodide leaving band to make Piper Azimycin A. This yielded a 3.6% overall yield in just 26 steps. It’s tight. Take care. [Tertiary Butyl Carbazate]

Case No :


EC Number :


Formula :


Product Specification

  • Appearance & Physical State – White to pale yellow lumps
  • Molecular weight – 132.16100
  • Boiling point – 63-65ºC (0.1 mmHg)
  • Flash Point – 91ºC
  • Density – 1.02
  • Storage Condition – Store at room temperature

Safety Information As Per GHS

  • Hazard - 4 corrosive