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2-BromoPhenol manufacturers in india | Bromophenols are any organobromine containing phenol and one or more bromine atoms. When positional isomerism is taken into account, there are five types of bromophenols: mono- to pentabromophenyl and 19 other bromophenols. Electrophilic halogenation (phenol and bromine) is how bromophenols can be produced.

2-Bromophenol was used to prepare anti-benzofuran benzofuran dimides. It was also used in the study of photodegradation using UV-Vis spectroscopy, HPLC and HPLC.

The solution of 2-(5-bromo-2(2-bromoethyl phenyl)phenyl (1.97 g) was mixed in 30 mL DMF. At the same time, NaH (600 mg, 15 mmol), was added to the mixture. At room temperature, the reaction mixture was stirred. The reaction mixture was stirred at room temperature for 8 hours. It was then cooled with water and extracted with EtOAc. The organic layer was rinsed with water and brine, dried on Na2S04, and filtered. Finally, it was concentrated in vacuo.

What is 2-bromophenol blue used for?

Bromophenol blue is useful as a biological stain, an industrial dye, a laboratory acid-base indicator, and a tracking dye in electrophoresis. Bromophenol Blue can be employed in gel electrophoresis as both a biological stain and a colour marker. Proteins and nucleic acids can be stained using a solution of bromophenol blue.

We are one the leading supplier of 2-Bromophenol, 95% in the industry. We fulfill the demands of Indian market as well as of overseas market, 2-bromophenol is a bromophenol. It has a role as a marine metabolite. 2-Bromophenol is a natural product found in Lifechem Pharma with data available. Aldrich-130915; 2-Bromophenol 0.98; CAS Number: 95-56-7; Linear Formula: BrC6H4OH; find related products, papers, technical documents, MSDS & more at


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Product Specification

  • Appearance & Physical State – Clear, colorless to slightly yellow liquid.
  • Molecular weight – 173.00700
  • Boiling point – 195ºC
  • Flash Point – 42ºC
  • Density – 1.492
  • Storage Condition – Flammables area
  • Water Solubility- soluble

Safety Information As Per GHS

  • Hazard - 9 Environmentally Hazardous Substances