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1-Decanol, 10-chloro-, 10-chlorodecan-1-ol

10-Chloro-1-DecanolThe 10-Chloro-1 decanol molecule comprises 21 hydrogen atom(s) and 10 carbon atom(s) one Oxygen atom(s) as well as one Chlorine atom(s) which is an overall total comprising 33 atom(s). The molecular weight of 10-Chloro-1 decanol is calculated by the total of the weights of the atomic elements in each elements multiplied by number atoms. This is then determined to be:

The precise term for the molecular weight mentioned above can be described as “molar mass”, which is determined by the mass in atomic units of every element. Molecular weight is an older definition used to describe “relative molar mass” or “molecular mass”, which is a non-dimensional number equal to the molecular mass divided by the constant of molar mass which is defined as 1 g/mol.

Molecular masses can be calculated using the normal atomic weights of each nuclide. Molar masses are determined from an atomic mass for every element. The nuclear mass considers the isotopic composition of the element within a particular sample.

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Product Specification

  • Molecular weight – 192.72600
  • Boiling point – 126-128ºC2mm Hg(lit.)
  • Flash Point – 121.9ºC
  • Density – 0.951g/cm3

Safety Information As Per GHS