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Where is Indian pharma for Pharmaceutical Ingredients? What does the future hold?

Where is Indian pharma for Pharmaceutical Ingredients? What does the future hold?


The majority of pharmaceutical ingredients are made in China and India. In terms of volume and value, India is among the top five nations for the pharmaceutical industry. The pharma sector’s success in India is due to a number of factors.


  • Availability of Skilled Labour
  • Young people with technical and creative minds
  • Public Policies
  • Access to Industrial Land
  • The need for pharmaceuticals in the nation


India is the third-largest producer of generic APIs in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for about 8.5 percent of global production.


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In terms of exports and manufacture of API, Intermediates, and Fine Chemicals, India is a global leader. India’s industries that produce API export both API and bulk pharmaceuticals. Additionally, India’s production standards are in compliance with several international laws.


Industries that manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates: Intermediates and fine chemicals are used to synthesise API (Bulk Drug) products. The manufacturing of regional fine chemicals and intermediates has also increased API production. It is enabling businesses to produce more than 500 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients more quickly.


India appears to be in a good position both now and in the future. Everywhere in the nation, the generic Pharma Ingredients market is expanding by 20% annually. India will continue to be a desirable market for outsourcing API because of its high quality, affordable price, and therapeutic use.